Two Beautiful Diving Spots in the Bahamas

The Bahamas is filled with some of the most amazing sites you will ever visit. We may be biased, but we think it’s the perfect tropical getaway. The islands are perfect even if you simply set out to soak in the sun and lay back; but the true beauty is found in adventure. An underwater paradise is waiting just under the shoreline!

In fact, the islands are home to the most stunning marine life, and the most incredible people. Marry these two things together and you’ll find the best spots in the Bahamas, and the coolest guides around. Join Bahama Divers on one of these two amazing excursions to the hidden spots on the reef. It’s a great way to check out these naturally occurring wonders in the big blue ocean.

First Stop: The Lost Blue Hole and Barracuda Reef

Start your adventures in our seas by diving “The Lost Blue Hole”. This excursion takes you a hidden spot and to one of the best reef systems. The “Barracuda Reef” is legendary for its wildlife. There you are bound to encounter incredible views of ocean life, and the ability to get up close and personal with nature.

The Blue Hole is truly one of the most unique dive sites the Bahamas has to offer. It is basically a natural hole in the ocean floor, and is a nerve-wracking 200 ft.+ deep. For safety reasons, we take you to explore the hole at depths of 90 ft! This unique adventure is perfect for divers experienced divers, though newcomers are perfectly welcome to come along as well. You can decide what depth you’d like to dive to without sacrificing the full experience. All this goes to prove that it’s one of Nassau’s best hidden gems that shouldn’t be missed.

A final great thing about the Blue Hole is that it’s right next to Barracuda Reef – reefs are a diverse and thriving habitats for marine life. Barracuda Reef’s wonders include a home to giant southern stingrays and sharks. Plus, you’ll get to view large turtles, giant pelagic and reef fish, sponges, corals, and even some grouper. Once you visit you will see the spots undeniable beauty.

Or: Visit the Ocean Wall and Reef Life 

Another option for adventure is the Ocean Wall, another diving excursion offered by Bahama Divers. It’s an absolutely stunning spot to visit. Relatively untouched, it’s a great way to see a huge and diverse group of wildlife through another lens without the interference of too much tourism or marine destruction.

The Ocean Wall is a phenomenal place to catch a view of marine life, especially predatory marine creatures! The wall is a perfect hunting ground for eels, lobsters and snappers. After all, who knows what animals will cruise past the “Tongue of the Ocean”! Be sure to bring your underwater camera: these are snaps you won’t want to miss.

Moreover, the wall is peppered with tiny hidden crevasses. These shady spots make perfect hiding places for plenty of tiny fish. But look inside the mini holes in the wall and you’ll be introduced to an even bigger hidden world.

On this adventure you’ll see the unique Ocean Wall – so named because of its sudden 500’ drop – paired with a visit to a flourishing reef nearby. This excursion ensures you get a day filled with views beyond your wildest dreams and an experience you’ll never forget.

Dive with Bahama Divers

Besides our amazing Blue Hole and Ocean Wall expeditions, we offer scuba courses, snorkeling trips and even trips down to underwater shipwrecks. No Bahamas trip of a lifetime is complete without exploring the deep blue depths, housing a whole new view of paradise.

No matter which dive you choose, you’re sure to have an adventure you’ll never forget with Bahama Divers!


By bahamadivers Diving