AM Wreck & Reef – 2 Tank Dive

Every morning Bahama Divers heads out for a 2 Tank Dive. Join us for a morning adventure that will surely get your day started on the right fin!  Start with a deep wreck dive followed by an awesome reef site.  Our Wreck Dives include, The Shipyard, The De La Salle, The Miranda, and The Grennin.  All of these sites are situated in 65-100′ of water and have been down for over 15 years giving them ample time to become home to all kinds of marine species included coral growth of all types!  Be amazed at how the ocean has turned a man made object into a thriving underwater ecosystem.

Nassau, Bahamas
4 hours
2 Tank Dive
Morning Dive
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The Dive Sites You'll Visit:


The Shipyard

The shipyard consists of four wrecked ships that you will be able to visit on your dive. The first is the Ana Lise, a 150-foot freighter lying on her port side. The Helena C is a 95 foot ship and the Bahamas shell is a 90 foot wreck. There is now a wooden-hull cargo ship that sunk in 1994 as well. Approaching the site feels like approaching a ship graveyard, the sites are stunning and the environment feels like it’s straight out of a movie.

The De La Salle

The De La Salle is an amazingly large freighter that is sitting upright in 70 feet of crystal clear water. If you’re looking for some wonderful photography opportunities under the water than this is where you should go. The crystal clear water allows everything to be seen clearly, and the magnificence of the large freighter under the water is truly an amazing sight to behold.

The Miranda

This 90 foot wreck lies on its side and is divided into two sections. There are many open-water fish and rays that swim by the Miranda and the large ship in it’s two sections is an amazing sight to behold of itself.

The Grennin

This site is truly a gem to explore. Filled with coral growth and all kinds of marine species you'll be amazed at how amazing the sites will be that you’ll see.

Afternoon Wreck & Reef Dives

Experience a whole new world when man-made machines rest on the ocean floor for decades. 

 Colourful and unique marine life

  Once in a lifetime experience