AM Blue Hole & Barracuda Reef

Start your day by exploring “The Lost Blue Hole” followed by one of the most beautiful reef systems in the vicinity, “Barracuda Reef”!  The Blue Hole is perhaps the most unusual dive site in The Bahamas.  This natural hole in the open ocean floor is about 100 feet across and over 200 feet deep.  The perimeter of the hole is located in 40 feet of water making it an excellent dive.  Explore the hole at depths up to 90 feet.  Here you will find giant southern stingrays, large turtles, numerous sharks, groupers, large reef and pelagic fish, sponges and corals.  On your next stop be amazed at the variety of marine species and large coral formations.  Definitely two of Nassau’s best kept secrets!

Nassau, Bahamas
4 hours
2 Tank Dive
Morning Dive
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A Unique Dive

The Lost Blue Hole is one of the most unique dives off the coast of Nassau. The hole is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a massive underwater hold at the bottom of the Caribbean sea. It truly is a marvel to behold, at 200 feet deep and 100 feet wide you’ll be awe struck to see something so vast under the sea.

The hole is also full of fascinating wildlife. These harmless creatures include reef sharks, nurse sharks, angelfish, snappers, amber jack, yellow tail, and many others. The variety of sea creatures and gorgeous natural scenery make for an experience that is difficult to describe, and can only be truly experienced in person.

The Lost Blue Hole dive is a remote dive so you won’t face many distractions as you go out to visit it. This dive is also unique as you will have the chance to explore around 90 feet of depths in the hole. The cave itself goes over 200 feet deep!

The Lost Blue Hole is visible from above the surface of the water and becomes a different planet once you get close to it. The feeling that you’ll get as you dive deeper and explore is truly a unique one. This dive is one of the top coral reef sites in the Bahamas, and is one that you’ll remember forever, it’s a magical moment that will add a lot to your overall experience of your vacation in Nassau.