Top 7 Places in the World to Scuba Dive

Scuba diving is a wonderful pastime for many people throughout the world, and there are many incredible places throughout the world where it can be done. While traveling the world on land is fantastic, you will see a whole new world if you dive just beneath its oceans’ surfaces. Here is a list of our top 7 favorite scuba diving locations that you should be sure to put on your bucket list to guarantee that you see the most of what the Earth has to offer.

1. Bahamas

Okay, okay, we may be a bit biased for this first pick. However, we know that the Bahamas truly is home to some of the most gorgeous scuba diving in the whole world. With its high level of biodiversity and warm waters, the Bahamas is ideal for scuba diving. If you ever want to join us, you can check out all the packages we offer here at Bahama Divers, located in the beautiful capital city of Nassau. Join us, and we promise that you won’t regret it.

2. Key West

Many ships have wrecked off the coast of Key West throughout the centuries. Now, these shipwrecks serve as a veritable playground for scuba divers and history lovers alike. You may even be able to come across long lost treasure if you’re diligent. One such wreck is the USS Vandenberg; this ship came to its final resting place just six miles off the coast of Key West. At 523 feet long, you may have to dive to this beauty several times to thoroughly explore all of it.

3. Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is perhaps the most famous reef in the world and for good reason. In addition to being known as the biggest reef in the world, it is also one of the most spectacular. In addition to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia also hosts The Yongala, which is a shipwreck that serves as the habitat for a myriad of coral species as well as sharks, fish, and turtles.

4. Hawaii

There are many impressive places to scuba dive in Hawaii, but one of the most highly-rated is in Kailua Kona where you can dive into the dark with manta rays swimming all around you. Some of these creatures can reach magnificent wingspans of sixteen feet. Even though this trip is extremely popular and often crowded, its brilliance is in no way diminished.

5. Thailand

Richelieu Rock is a favorite among many seasoned divers because it features a semi-circle of rocky peninsulas that is teeming with wildlife. Some rarer species such as the ghost pipefish and the harlequin shrimp can be found here.

6. Belize

Belize is home to the Great Blue Hole, which is an ideal spot for scuba divers. Lined with coral reefs, the hole descends 35m with unprecedented visibility. About 15m into the hole, it actually transitions from salt water to fresh water. In this area, you can witness tuna diving all around you.

7. Malaysia

Malaysia is home to several incredible diving spots including Barracuda Point and Blue Corner Wall. Each is home to a plethora of marine life. Diving will give you the opportunity to see these breath-taking creatures up close and personal. Since Jacques Cousteau experienced the wonders of Barracuda Point, it has been highly sought after by divers all over the world.

While you need to be a pretty experienced diver to explore many of these exotic places, that is not true for The Bahamas. We offer wonderful packages for scuba divers for beginners so that even people who have never dived in their life can experience its thrill.

No matter where you decide to go, we at Bahama Divers wish you a safe and eye-opening trip. Take it from us—a scuba diving experience is like no other as it expands your horizons and helps you to appreciate the beauty of the Earth beneath the surface of the ocean.

By bahamadivers Diving