The Ultimate Marine Life Checklist to Spot in the Bahamas

One of the biggest draws for people who travel to the Bahamas is the exotic wildlife. Under the waves you can find a whole world of fascinating creatures.

If you decide to go diving off the coats of the islands in the Bahamas, you are able to find a huge variety of different marine life.

Below are some of the creatures you may spot.


1. Fish

Obviously, you can find fish just about anywhere in the ocean. However, the warm climate of the Bahamas attracts some brightly colored, gorgeous tropical fish.

A common appearance in the waters around the Bahamas is the blue tang. This fish may be recognizable to any fan of Disney Movies as the real-life Dory. The fish is striking in appearance with its bright blue color and yellow tail and they often swim in schools which is a great photo opportunity.

Again, made popular in the movie industry you can also see the iconic clownfish. You won’t only see the classic orange, black and white but the various other color combinations that this gorgeous little creature.

If you want a bit more of a challenge, then you can try and find the Nassau Grouper. Solitary and well camouflaged these fish are usually about half a meter long. It is among some of the bigger predatory fish that you can see which include the barracuda who unprovoked will be peaceful around divers or the national fish of the Bahamas, the Blue Marlin.

This is just a handful of the really stunning sea fish that you can see.


2. Sharks

When diving in the Caribbean, there are plenty of sharks that you may see.

One of the most common is the massive Caribbean Reef Shark, measuring in at a whooping 6.5-8 feet long! These sharks are usually shy and tend to avoid divers.

You may also spot an Oceanic whitetip shark, Tiger shark (they can grow up to 16 feet!), Hammerhead, or the ever-intimidating Bull shark.

Long and short, if you want to see these massive animals, the Bahamas can be a great place to do so.


3. Turtles

The largest concentration of sea turtles in the Bahamas is found on Eleuthera Island. Four of the seven species of sea turtles exist here, and they can be found among the mangrove forests, coral reefs and in shallow coastal areas, as well as out in the ocean.

These fragile and beautiful creatures are well protected in this area through the many conservation efforts that Bahama islands have in place.

You can see the turtles in a variety of ways. You can hop on a boat and sea them swimming gracefully through the crystal-clear waters or you can get a little more up close and personal by strapping on a snorkel mask and searching the coral reefs.


4. Dolphins

Naturally curious, wild dolphins may simply swim up to any boat and begin to interact with you. For example, the Atlantic spotted dolphins may decide to hang around with you for a while, swim alongside your boat, or play in the wake.

If you don’t own a boat then no worries, the best chance you have of spotting and meeting these stunning mammals is joining a dolphin tour. You can even book the chance to swim with them.

Dolphins are special due to their ability to connect with people. They feed off the energy someone is giving out so if they sense you’re excited they will feel excited too, wanting to play and join in, mimicking your actions as they make friends with you. These hyper intelligent creatures are well worth a look if you get the chance.

There are plenty more creatures for you to interact with on the islands and you are not limited to just sea life. If you’re curious about chances to see these creatures have a look around our site to see what is available to you.

By bahamadivers Diving