Snorkeling Nassau

If your not into Scuba Diving, then there is many other options for you to explore the underwater world of Nassau. We have chosen some of the best Nassau snorkeling sites for you to be able to enjoy and explore the wonders of the underwater world, the visibility will be amazing, the marine life and corals even better. bring your camera or rent one from us, to make sure that you capture all of the wonderful memories you will gather during your trip with Bahama Divers. So join us, put on a mask and snorkel and marvel at the amazing world beneath the ocean's surface. If you have never snorkeled before, then you are in for a real treat… the colours are just so much brighter when you see fish and other marine life in their natural habitat. Our day starts with a briefing from our experienced snorkel guides who will check that you are comfortable with the equipment before guiding you into the beautiful ocean.

Almost anyone can snorkel, you do not need to be a great swimmer, you just have to be comfortable getting into the water and ready for a great adventure. If you need a little help with floating, then we have life jackets, floats and wet-suits available. Kids love snorkeling so make this one of the family's highlights of your vacation here in Nassau, Bahamas. The stories you and your family will be able to tell afterwards will be great fun as they try and describe the colours, shapes and behavior of the huge variety of fish and sea creatures that can be seen.

Here are our Snorkeling Packages with some of the best snorkeling in The Bahamas:

Our Snorkeling Guides

All of our snorkeling trips are led and guided by our experienced team of PADI Divemasters and Instructors. We can’t wait to show you what snorkeling in Nassau, Bahamas has to offer! All of our groups are small and put together with your safety and enjoyment in mind.

Snorkeling Equipment

Equipment rental is available for those who do not have their own snorkeling gear. When snorkeling with Bahama Divers you only need to bring your personal items such as sunglasses, sunscreen, swimsuit and a camera. Bahama Divers has digital underwater cameras available for rent.

What Can You See Snorkeling In Nassau?

When snorkeling in Nassau, Bahamas you'll get to experience all numbers and types of fish and marine life. Parrot Fish, Sand Divers, Porcupine Fish, Bahamas Grunts, Trumpet Fish, Moray Eels, Bahamas Shrimp, Yellowhead Jawfish, Lionfish and so many more.

reef fish nassau snorkeling
moray eel snorkeling
coral life

What is Nassau Snorkeling Like?

The reefs in Nassau are primarily hard corals, a mix of table, finger, staghorn, boulder, lobe, and brain corals along with sea fans and rods.  Snorkeling along walls of coral, over shallow patch reefs with a sandy bottom, on the top and around the edges of pinnacle reefs, the very warm water temperatures are refreshing, relaxing and soothing all at the same time.

A few highlights of the Nassau snorkeling are the fish and creatures you'll see: beautiful anemone, gorgeous colorful coral, Blacktip and Whitetip reef sharks, Hawksbill turtles, Whale sharks, Eagle rays, and different kinds of octopus. There is always something interesting to see.

Every reef has great snorkeling depths. Currents can be variable depending on the tide and geography of the reef.  The water is crystal clear with great visibility everywhere.

Nassau Snorkeling Travel Tips

The Bahamas is a group of 700 islands just south of Florida on the East Coast of the U.S.  on Eastern Standard Time. From the U.S. you can fly to The Bahamas through multiple cities in the U.S. You will be flying into Lyndin Pindling International Airport on New Providence Island (Nassau) which is the capital city. Once you arrive to your hotel, airbnb or other accommodations, you can see our pickup schedules for transportation to and from your diving experience.  

Best Time Of Year for Snorkeling

The great thing about the weather in The Bahamas is, it's almost always perfect for snorkeling! You may get a rainy day here or there but we're always on top of forecasts and will advise if there are any issues we can see will have any effect on your trip.