Snorkeling vs. Scuba Diving: Which One’s for You?

The ocean is a vast and mysterious neighbor to land that we still do not know much about. If that inspires awe in you instead of fear, why not embrace that? The ocean has a lot to offer for those willing to brave the waves and explore.

There are many ways to enjoy the ocean, such as swimming on the beach, boating, jet skiing, etc. All of these are surface ways to experience the deep blue. But if you’re interested in the gorgeous variety of life under the sea, there are options for you as well.

Snorkeling and scuba diving are two ways to explore the world underneath the surface. Keep reading to determine which is best suited for you.


What’s the Difference?

Both are activities for those who love the ocean. Scuba diving completely submerges you underwater, while snorkeling keeps you at the surface looking down.

Snorkeling is something done at resorts and in tropical locations. The Bahamas are one of the most gorgeous snorkeling locations in the world. It is a common part of cruise itineraries and usually aimed at families with smaller children. That doesn’t mean that adults are excluded from the activity. Snorkeling is just more mellow than diving.

Diving attaches you to a breathing apparatus and a tank. You need to re-learn how to breathe air. This is a lot more individualized than snorkeling since diving depths vary from person to person. Diving gives the most up close and personal experience with nature; it just requires a little more to get started.


Scuba Diving

Scuba diving requires training certification. Diving is for those who like to plan trips and spend the better part of the day immersed in the activity. If you enjoy exploring deep areas of the ocean and being face to face with fish and other marine life, scuba diving is for you.

  • Pros

As mentioned before, you get up close and personal with the wildlife. You’re not seeing them through glass or from the surface. Sometimes you can even pet the fish. Scuba diving allows for more freedom as well, since you can plan a solo trip with no problem.

Scuba Diving also gives you more time to be immersed in nature. You can go for hours depending on how many tanks you can carry. Also, the more you go scuba diving, the more fit you become.

  • Cons

Scuba diving is time intensive and requires a lot of equipment. if you have a weaker body, scuba diving might not be possible. This is both for age and whether or not you are healthy.



Snorkeling is for those who are not as keen to get completely under the water. It is good for the whole family and allows you to see wildlife while maintaining a bit of a distance. Even with this distance, sometimes fish feel a little brave and can swim up to you.

Snorkeling all depends on how good of a swimmer you are, so time doesn’t have to be a factor unless you can’t swim for long. You also have to worry about your back getting sunburnt as you stare at the fish under the surface.

  • Pros

All you need is a snorkel set and a swimsuit. Snorkeling is not as intense as scuba diving, so it doesn’t require as much training. Plus, you don’t need to be certified – you just need to know how to swim.

  • Cons

You can’t get at close to the sea life as scuba diving unless you can breathe underwater. Plus, you need to make sure that you have sunscreen on so that you aren’t getting burnt. If you’re not as strong of a swimmer, you might not be able to stay out as long and see everything.


Adventure Awaits

Whether you choose one or both, scuba diving and snorkeling are amazing ways to enjoy the ocean. At Bahama Divers, underwater adventure is our specialty – check us out to learn more about the diving and snorkeling opportunities we offer!

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