Scuba vs. Snorkeling: Which One’s For Me?

If you have a love for the ocean and a passion for marine life, what better way to appreciate both than by getting out in the open ocean and living it for yourself?

There are many ways to experience the deep blue first hand. Two of the most popular activities are scuba diving and snorkeling. While both activities are similar in many ways, they also have a great many differences that set them apart.

If you are trying to learn more about diving and snorkeling and want to choose one to try out, read on to learn about what each one looks like as well as some of the pros and cons that each on offers.

What’s The Difference Between Diving and Snorkeling?

Snorkeling is a popular recreational activity in which you swim on the surface of the water while looking face down on the ocean below. It is especially popular at many tropical locations and tropical resorts. If you go snorkeling, you breathe out of a special tube that curves towards the surface of the water called a snorkel. You also use a wide mask for seeing in the water.

For scuba diving, the general process is a little different. You are completely submerged underwater. You have your own specialized breathing apparatus that is connected to an air tank that you bring with you as you dive. Depths that people go to when scuba diving varies but most people go up to 130 feet or so below the ocean’s surface.

While scuba diving, you also have additional gear to put on. Scuba diving is incredibly popular because it allows you to get right in the middle of natural ocean life.

How Accessible Are Diving and Snorkeling?

When it comes to choosing a new hobby or activity, how accessible it is will always be an important factor to consider. In terms of how accessible scuba diving and snorkeling are, there are several things to keep in mind.

Looking at it broadly, snorkeling is usually the more accessible of the two options for the general population. There is little equipment needed and that equipment is generally not too expensive. You can almost do it anywhere where there is open water that you have access to.

Scuba diving requires more strategic planning when it comes to where you decide to go. You will also have to plan where you’ll embark on your trip and how to get all the equipment you need. Although scuba diving is a little less accessible than snorkeling, it is still quite manageable for anyone that wants to pursue it.

What Are the Health Requirements?

Another thing that you may want to think about if you are deciding between scuba diving and snorkeling is the level of health and physical fitness that each requires. Both activities require a considerable amount of swimming and general cardiovascular strength.

Snorkeling tends to be easier on the body and more accessible for people. Scuba diving requires divers to be in good health in order to prevent possible accidents and complications.

What Equipment Do I Need?

One of the biggest differences between snorkeling and scuba diving is the amount of equipment that they require. Compared to snorkeling, scuba diving requires you to have a considerable amount of gear, such as your suit, your air tank, and you breathing apparatus. If you decide to scuba dive, you can rent the equipment that you use or invest in it for the long term. You will also need a boat to get out to where you want to dive.

Do I Need Training and Certification?

Compared to snorkeling, scuba diving requires divers to be trained and scuba certified. If you don’t know what to do in an emergency situation while diving, it can be dangerous. The training isn’t too extensive, but it does require that some time and money be invested before you can officially be a scuba diver.

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