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Check Out These Top Nassau Snorkeling Destinations

Do you have a big trip to the Bahamas planned? Are you looking to do some Nassau snorkeling while on your trip? The Bahamas is easily one of the best places to go snorkeling in the water. Not only is the water crystal clear and warm, but you can also see a wide array of sea creatures here that you can’t see anywhere else.

When it comes to snorkeling in the Bahamas, your biggest hurdle will be deciding where to go. The Bahamas is composed of 700 islands, 30 of which are inhabited, so you likely won’t have enough time to check all of them out on your trip.

If you’d like to learn more about Nassau snorkeling, keep reading.

We’ve got a complete list of the best snorkeling destinations in the Bahamas.

1. Adelaide Beach

Located on the southwestern coast of New Providence Island, Adelaide Beach welcomes snorkelers with clear, warm waters.

The great thing about this spot is that it’s highly accessible- it can be reached by car, bus, or foot. However, even with its high level of accessibility, this beach still isn’t frequented a lot by tourists. In fact, you’ll tend to find the beach mostly empty on weekdays and then on weekends, it’s mostly inhabited by locals.

This beach has shallow waters, which make it a great location for beginner snorkelers.

2. Rose Island Reef

While it’s not technically in Nassau, Rose Island Reef is just a few short miles east of it.

It can only be accessed by boat from Nassau, however, it’s well worth the trip over. This is a great destination for beginner and advanced snorkelers alike, and many people rank it as one of the best snorkeling destinations in the entire world, not just the Caribbean.

In addition to spotting beautiful underwater life in this reef, you’ll also have the chance to scope out two shipwrecks- the Alcora and the Mahoney.

Getting to this destination is also incredibly easy, as there are many tour groups on the mainland that offer half-day snorkeling excursions.

3. Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

Once you’ve snorkeled at Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, it’ll be tough to find anything else that lives up to it.

This 176-square-mile sea park isn’t just a favorite spot for snorkeling, it’s also a great place to test out your scuba diving skills. Here you’ll be surrounded by limestone reefs, vibrant coral life, and thousands of tropical fish.

Located between Norman’s Cay and Compass Cay, this park stretches for a whopping 22 miles, and it can only be accessed by boat or seaplane.

In addition to the colorful underwater life, the park is also home to a number of blue holes and land and sea caves.

You’ll also find that there aren’t a lot of people in this park, and you’ll have a very peaceful environment for exploring underwater life.

4. Stuart Cove

If you’re looking for a little adrenaline rush when snorkeling, then Stuart Cove is the place for you.

It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, as the cove is home to hundreds of Caribbean Reef sharks. For the most part, these sharks are completely harmless, but you should always treat them with caution as you would with any wild animal.

What’s even more exciting is that you may find one of these sharks poking out from one of the many shipwrecks that can also be found on the cove.

This snorkeling spot also has unparalleled visibility, so if a shark is nearby, you’ll be sure to spot it.

5. Gambier Deep Reef

Many of the sites we’ve listed so far are known for their shallow waters. While this can be great for visibility and beginning snorkelers, it can sometimes be fun to dive a little deeper on your snorkeling excursions.

If you’re looking to take a dive into the deep blue, Gambier Deep Reef is for you. Rather than the turquoise water that you’ll find at other sites, Gambier Deep Reef boasts a deep blue color.

And, although the site is deep, there’s still plenty to see here. Here, you’ll get excellent views of the upper tiers of reefs, and you’ll also find a wider array of tropical fish.

6. Goulding Cay Reef

Goulding Cay Reef is perhaps the most convenient of all the snorkeling destinations on this list, as it’s located mere minutes from downtown Nassau.

This is one of the best sites for young families, as here you’ll find shallow, calm waters. Goulding Cay Reef is mostly known for its elkhorn coral, which sways gently in the ocean in a sort of rhythmic dance pattern that will leave you mystified. You’ll also find thousands of tropical fish here just below the water’s surface.

If you only have time to squeeze in a quick snorkeling trip on your Bahama vacation, let this be the one.

7. Andros Barrier Reef

If Stuart’s Cove left you hungry for more adrenaline-rushing snorkeling, then the next place you should head is Andros Barrier Reef.

However, while Stuart provides you with the thrill of spotting sharks, this site provides you with the thrill of its sheer size. Andros Barrier Reef stretches over 124 miles, making it the second-largest barrier reef in the western North Atlantic Ocean.

The best place to get your heart racing in this snorkeling site is at the Tongue of the Ocean. This is a reef that slopes down to over 6000 ft (most reefs cap off around 60). If you’re looking to get a better understanding of the massive expanse of the ocean, this is the place to go.

Nassau Snorkeling: Are You Ready to Explore?

Now that you know about the best Nassau snorkeling destinations, it’s time to grab your mask and go out and explore.

Before you know it, you’ll be swimming amongst tropical fish and crystal clear water.

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