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Best Snorkeling In Bahamas for Big Families

The Bahamas are an ideal place to arrange a huge family get together. Whether you are assembling for a wedding or family reunion, these beautiful islands offer something for everyone in your group, no matter what their ages or interests.

If you have a sporty group who loves to play in the sea, think about adding snorkeling to your list of group activities. This is a wonderful pastime to enjoy with anyone who knows how to swim.

For the best snorkeling in the Bahamas, check out these various options. You can find numerous places to visit with a large group where everyone will be at ease in calm, clear waters.

1. Bimini

Named by many leading travel publications as one of the top snorkeling destinations in the Caribbean, the island of Bimini is an ideal spot for everyone in the family to try the sport. You can find numerous tours aimed at beginners, with guides who will instruct people with little to no experience. Many areas are calm, perfect for first-timers.

Additionally, in the northern part of Bimini, you will find Bimini Road, also known as the road to Atlantis. Adventurous members of the family can take a boat ride to see these submerged rows of stones which look exactly like underwater harbors found in Europe.

Whether they are evidence of that famous, lost culture or not, you and your family will find lots of enjoyment in this magical area.

2. Stuart’s Cove

You do not have to scuba to reap the benefits of the many shipwrecks in this area, which have given a home to an abundance of sea life. Snorkelers too can revel in colorful schools of fish and coral reefs.

For the more adventurous, there are even opportunities to snorkel with sharks! Stuart’s Cove on the island of Nassau has been frequently used as a set for many Hollywood films, so see if you recognize any beaches from recent James Bond movies or even Flipper!

3. Eleuthera

Eleuthera is part of the Bahamas’ Out Islands. it is about 112 miles long and about half a mile wide. It is home to quiet communities and a few luxurious resorts.

Here, a snorkel trip may show you blue holes, deserted coves, pink beaches, and rocky shorelines. A reef called the Devil’s Backbone makes the island hard to get to and attractive to vast quantities of marine life. Some say the wreck of an old train even lies below the surface!

In addition to many species of tropical fish, you can see a range of different corals and plant life, plus sea anemones, barracuda, and conches. Some recommended sites include Sea Fan Gardens,  Bird Cay,  Muttonfish Point, and Paradise Beach.

4. Sapona

For the history buffs in your family, a snorkeling trip to the U.S.S. Sapona is a must if you are staying on Bimini.

This amazing shipwreck is the last vestige of a fleet of concrete ships commissioned by President Woodrow Wilson to serve as a troop transport during WWI. After the war, it was used as a casino, an oil tank, and a liquor store until it was destroyed in a hurricane in 1926.

15 feet below sea level,  the ship’s remains host many beautiful fish populations. The brave amongst you can clamber on its wreckage and jump into the waters. Others may content themselves with memorable selfies.

5. Dean’s Blue Hole

This marine phenomenon on Long Island is another incredible place to snorkel. It is the world’s second-deepest saltwater “blue hole,” and is estimated to be over 600 feet deep.

Considered to be one of the world’s best diving and snorkeling sites, water visibility is great here, allowing you to catch a glimpse of tropical fish, tarpons, turtles, seahorses, and manta rays.

The beaches around this area are equally stunning, so for those members of your family who prefer to catch the solar kinds of rays, there is also that option.

6. Abacos

Although famous amongst scuba divers as one of the best scuba spots in the world, the Abacos is not widely known beyond that select audience. These islands are more private and exclusive than Nassau and tend to be visited by private yachts. Some of the islands themselves are privately owned.

Marsh Harbour on Great Abaco is the largest town in the island chain, but it is still tiny. If you visit here, in addition to snorkeling you can enjoy deep-sea fishing wonderful beaches or a leisurely walk past the gingerbread houses of New Plymouth.

Water taxis can take you to snorkeling spots like Guana Cay, Mermaid Reef or Elkhorn Park.

7. Nassau

It can be hard to decide where to stay in the Bahamans, as every island seems to offer something enticing.

Nassau is a real family favorite due to its variety of options for people interested in sports, history, or nightlife. It even has some fun activities for the little ones,  like a zoo.

Stuart’s Cove (see above) is one of several snorkeling options on Nassau. You can check out Love Beach, Cable Beach, or Rose Island. You will quickly understand why pirates congregated in this area, with its many mysteries waiting to be discovered.

8. San Salvador

Said to be where Christopher Columbus first placed his feet in the new world,  this area lies to the south and is less densely populated than other areas. San Salvador is where the top divers go to “wall dive,” but snorkelers will see some unique sights in this area as well.

If you try Devil’s Claw or Vicky’s Reef, you may swim alongside stingrays and sharks. High Cay, Low Cay, and Middle Cay offer deep crevasses, caves, and black coral trees.

This area may be more suitable for more advanced or experienced snorkelers.

Best Snorkeling in the Bahamas: How Do You Choose?

It is almost impossible to select one candidate for the best snorkeling in the Bahamas because so many of this nation’s islands offer magnificent spots to see life under the ocean.

Whether you want complete seclusion, adventurous and challenging seascapes, or easy, family-friendly swims, snorkeling in the Bahamas is a great way to bring the whole family together.

For more ways to enjoy your time in the Bahamas, check out our blog.

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