7 Amazing Fish Species You May See When Snorkeling in The Bahamas

At Bahama Divers, one of the aspects of living in the beautiful tropics that we love the most are the fish. With warm waters and beautifully sunny days, the Bahamas are host to a wide variety of marine wildlife. While scuba diving, you are bound to see at least a tiny fraction of the biodiversity that our island nation possesses. The fish species listed below are just seven of the amazing fish species that you might see when you snorkel in the Bahamas.

1. Blue Marlin

This fish holds the title of the National Fish of the Bahamas. They are extremely popular among game fishers, and this magnificent species may have given Ernest Hemingway the impetus to write his classic novel The Old Man and the Sea. They have an impressive dorsal fin coupled with a sword-shaped them snout that makes them wonderfully exciting to witness in real life.

2. Barracuda

Barracudas are incredibly fierce and beautiful looking animals. These silver fish have rows of razor-sharp teeth that can be deadly. However, they are usually very peaceful to divers unless provoked. Just enjoy their beauty from a distance and don’t wear anything shiny that could potentially catch the fish’s attention, and you should be good to go.

3. Lionfish

Lionfish are gorgeous creatures, but unfortunately, they are actually an invasive species in the Bahamas. They have begun to disrupt the ecosystem and the lives of some of the indigenous species, so fishers have started to catch and eat them. While they do make for a tasty treat and are a wonder to see, it is best to stay far away from them while they are alive because their spines are incredibly poisonous.

4. Clownfish

If you have ever seen Finding Nemo, then you are well aware of this classic reef fish. The fish’s appearance is characterized by its iconic orange, white, and black stripes, but they actually are known to come in several different color combinations. These vibrant fish are quite the sight to see in their natural habitats.

5. Nassau Grouper

This solitary, predatory fish commonly lies in wait, camouflaged against rock formations, for unsuspecting prey to cross its path. The fish can reach an impressive length of 1.2 meters, but the majority of grown adults never get past half a meter. While they are not the most colorful fish, they are still magnificent in their own way and something you do not want to miss.

6. Spiny Lobster

This wonderful creature is splendid to look at with a length reaching up to 60cm. This nocturnal creature spends most of the day hiding in rock crevices only to fully emerge at night. If you time your trip just right for the end of October or the beginning of November, then you may be able to witness an incredible natural phenomenon: the march of the spiny lobsters. This migration features hundred of lobsters as they make their journey to deeper waters after being distressed by seasonal storms.

7. Blue Tang

Blue Tang are the most commonly found fish in The Bahamas, so it is very likely that you will see one while diving in the area. They often swim in schools creating gorgeous photo opportunities. These beautiful blue fish will elevate any diving experience immediately.

See These Fish on Your Next Snorkeling Trip

The marine wildlife of the Bahamas has to be seen to be believed. That’s why we believe you must go on the snorkeling adventure of a lifetime with us to have this unbelievable experience for yourself.

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