5 Reasons Why Bahamas Snorkeling Trips are the Best in the World

Snorkeling is an incredibly fun way to explore the ocean; however, the location will make or break the experience for you. Therefore, you must choose the perfect place to snorkel!

The choice you won’t regret choosing is the Bahamas. The country hosts some of the absolute best spots to snorkel, for first-timers and experienced thrill-seekers.

Have you always wanted to explore the open water but are nervous about diving deep? Here are five reaons according to Bahama Divers why snorkeling in the Bahamas is the best underwater experience in the world.

1. Clear Waters

The Bahamas are host to some of the clearest and most pristine waters in the world. Their appearance is absolutely stunning and allows for incredible views beneath the surface as well. Snorkelers will be able to see far and wide without having to strain their eyes or combat murky water.

The clearness makes snorkelers to more confident explore because they can see exactly what is in front of them. The tranquil waters of this area harbor very few waves, making the snorkeling enjoyable and safe.

2. Warm Temperatures

The water temperature in the Bahamas stays between 72 and 83 degrees throughout the year, providing an extremely comfortable experience for snorkelers. You do not have to worry about donning a wetsuit, allowing you to snorkel in whatever makes you comfortable.

The warm temperatures also permit water activities year-round, unlike many other locations with summer dives only. The air temperature is almost always above 70 degrees as well, providing comfortable conditions any day of the year.

3. Incredible Marine Life

The aquatic creatures that call The Bahamas home are magnificent. While snorkeling, you are likely to come across scores of different kinds of fish including barracuda, angelfish, and parrotfish. You will also likely come into contact with sea turtles, spiny lobsters, and dolphins.

There is so much excitement waiting below the surface for you to discover on your adventure. You will not want to miss out on all the exciting interactions you are sure to experience while snorkeling in the Bahamas.

4. Opportunities for Exploration

The Bahamas contains over 700 islands, all of whom are surrounded by barrier reefs, providing ample opportunities to explore. While some of the more popular spots can get a bit more crowded, with so many to choose from you are bound to find somewhere that fits your needs.

In addition to the reefs, you can also explore shipwrecks and underwater caves to take your experience to a whole new level. There are so many options for those with varying degrees of thrill-seeking tendencies. You are bound to find the snorkeling experience to fit your skill level and interests in the Bahamas.

5. Great for the Whole Family

Snorkeling is an easy and engaging activity for pre-teens, teenagers, and adults alike to enjoy. While vacationing it is often difficult to find things to do that everyone will find appealing, but the versatility that snorkeling in the Bahamas provides may do the trick.

Pre-teens will love discovering starfish near the shore while young adults may find it exciting to explore shipwrecks. Adults can whole-heartedly participate or take breaks to relax on the beach as well.

With hundreds of tranquil beaches, the Bahamas is the perfect place for the whole family to dive.

Get Ready For the Dive of a Lifetime!

When you are planning your next vacation consider adding snorkeling in the Bahamas to your agenda. The Bahamas is a wonderful place with many natural and human-made amenities that you can’t miss, and snorkeling is the best way to explore the best that the Bahamas has to offer.

Whether you are a novice or an avid snorkeler, the underwater excursion of a lifetime awaits you in the Bahamas. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Bahama Divers with any questions about how to prepare for your future dive in the Bahamas!

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