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10 Snorkeling Tips for a Fun and Safe Experience in the Bahamas

Approximately 6.6 million tourists visited the Bahamas in 2018; an increase of 7.9% from the year before. Many people visit the Bahamas to enjoy fun under the sun—and under the ocean waves!

Are you thinking about snorkeling for the first time in the Bahamas? Awesome! Snorkeling is a fun way to explore the beauty of the sea.

However, it’s important to follow the right snorkeling techniques. Otherwise, you might need to stop by the hospital during your trip.

Here are the 10 snorkeling tips you need for a safe experience. With these tips, your time snorkeling in the Bahamas will become a fun memory for years to come. Make the most of your time under the sea with these 10 tips!

1. Choose the Right Mask

Before you head into the water, it’s important to have the right snorkeling safety gear. Otherwise, you might not realize how much trouble you’re in until after you’ve started snorkeling.

First, you’ll want to make sure you have the right mask. 

There are two types of snorkeling masks available: a traditional snorkel mask and a full-face snorkel mask. The traditional mask includes a snorkel tube and the actual mask, which covers your eyes and nose. The tube will include a mouthpiece for breathing.

A traditional mask is usually ideal for experienced snorkelers. These masks are ideal for snorkeling on the surface of the water or a bit deeper.

A full-face mask, on the other hand, allows you to breathe through both the nose and mouth. These masks are ideal for snorkeling for beginners. These masks also have a 180-degree panoramic view design, allowing you to get a full view of the ocean deep!

Once you choose a mask, make sure it fits correctly. Water shouldn’t seep through.

However, you don’t want a mask that’s painfully tight, either. Otherwise, you could end up with a headache.

Take the time to defog your mask as well. You can use either defogging gel or baby shampoo. Defogging your mask will ensure optimal visibility.

Once your mask is ready, you’re good to continue with the rest of these snorkeling tips!

2. Gear Up

Your snorkeling safety gear could also include:

  • Swim fins
  • Wet suit
  • Booties
  • Floatation device
  • Purge valve

Swim fins will help you swim faster despite a strong current. In addition to helping you navigate the water, they’ll also help you conserve energy during your snorkel. Even professional snorkelers use them.

You might want to choose fins that are slightly larger than your shoe size. Fins sometimes shrink a little when they’re in cold water.

For beginners, child, or inexperienced swimmers, you might want to consider a floatation device. If there’s an accident, the brightly colored material will help emergency water-crafts find you, too. 

3. Know Where You Are

One of the basic snorkeling mistakes beginners make is rushing to get into the water. Before you do, make sure you understand where you are. Your safety should always come first.

Ask the locals which spots are considered safest for snorkeling. They might also have a few snorkeling tips you can utilize.

Once you’re in the water, keep track of where the boat is at all times.

4. Practice First

A diving fatality occurs in every one out of 211,864 dives. People die more often from car crashes, skydiving, and even pregnancy than they do snorkeling. However, neglecting the proper snorkeling safety procedures could become dangerous.

Before you start snorkeling in the ocean, take the time to practice. 

For example, you can practice in your swimming pool at home. If you decide to rent gear while you’re in the Bahamas, practice in a shallow area first. Practicing will give you a chance to adapt to your gear.

This step is also ideal for inexperienced swimmers who want to get a little more comfortable in the water.

5. Pick a Good Spot

Failing to choose the right spot can make for a boring snorkeling experience. Instead of making basic snorkeling mistakes, take the time to plan ahead.

Don’t forget to speak with the locals. They can let you know which spots offer the most exciting snorkeling experience. Try to choose a calm spot.

Avoid murky waters, which can make it difficult for you to catch sea predators.

Here are a few of the best snorkeling locations in the Bahamas you can choose from!

6. Know When to Take a Break

Snorkeling and swimming can take a lot of energy. One of the common snorkeling mistakes people make it overexerting themselves. Instead, try to manage your energy.

Remain relaxed. Breathe smoothly. Try to use your fins and vest to flat.

Don’t forget to drink water to avoid dehydration, too. 

7. Protect Yourself

Whether you’re in the water or on the sand, make sure to protect yourself from the sun. Even a few minutes of sun exposure can cause damage.

Make sure to cover yourself in biodegradable, sun-resistant sunscreen every two to three hours. 

8. Respect the Sea

Underwater etiquette is essential. Try to keep a safe distance from any marine life.

Don’t touch any of the coral or fish you see. Some corals are toxic. Otherwise, their sharp surfaces could cut your skin and cause an infection.

Fish, on the other hand, might attack if they feel threatened.

Instead of touching the marine line, watch them in their natural habitat.

9. Check the Weather

Before heading out for your first snorkeling experience, check the local weather forecast. Don’t forget to check the water conditions, too, including:

  • Ocean currents
  • Waves
  • Surge
  • Wind strength

Review the weather forecast and ocean conditions for the full day. If you’re prepared, you can maintain snorkeling safety and get out of the water before a surge.

10. Don’t Go Alone

You might feel in your best physical shape. Even so, it’s important to avoid snorkeling alone. Exhaustion and panic can happen to anyone. 

Try to go snorkeling with a friend or family member. Make sure to watch out for each other. Otherwise, don’t let children under 12 snorkel alone. 

Fun Under the Sun and Sea: 10 Snorkeling Tips for Fun in the Bahamas

Ready for a ton of fun under the sun and ocean waves? Make sure to review these 10 snorkeling tips with your friends and family members, first. These tips will keep you safe under the water.

Want to make a day of it? Plan your first snorkeling trip with us today!

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